Procurement of goods

GlavTransAsia will help you to purchase products and equipment in China, Europe and the CIS at the best price and agree about the shipment.


We can combine your order and carry it to Kyrgyzstan as soon as it is literally possible.


After all we import your purchase to Russia or any other country you wish with minimal time waste and at optimal cost!

GlavTransAsia is your choice

We are successfully engaged in the import and export of goods and equipment to/from China, Europe and the CIS since 2015. We are trusted by major clients and partners from Eastern Europe, Russia, and EU countries. Thanks to the excellent cooperation at all stages of work with the goods, GlavTransAsia is able to ensure the continuity of supply of purchases of any size in a short period of time.


goods and equipment shipped in 2017


of delivery time can be saved with us


exclusive representative in Russia — NTPK Ltd.


managers who are able to solve your problems